Dalarna Roots
Descendants of Hĺll Per and Rombo Anna Persson


Elsie 2003



Henrikson 1

Henrikson 2

Lavander 1

Lavander 2


Mora 2004

LLLC 2004 1

LLLC 2004 2


The purpose of this section of the Web site is to share photos. We are primarily interested in preserving, documenting, and sharing the old photos and need all the help we can get. We expect that there will be a mix of new and old. We will be including as much information as we can about about the photos. Please let us know if you have photos we can add or if you have some more information about a particular photo that should added.

We will limit the file size of the photos and the number of photos on each page to minimize page load time. We will be including more photos by including more pages. The titles on the left-hand side of the pages in this section are links to the other pages of photos. Click on the link to visit the page that includes those photos. The list of links (page titles) on the left can be expected to grow and change. It is also our plan to provide a link on each photo in a group to a larger version of that photo. This is the page where the information about the photo will be included. If you want a still higher resolution image of a particular photo please contact us.

We would appreciate hearing from you about these pages. Are they of interest? What should be added? How can it be changed to be of more interest and value?

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