Dalarna Roots
Descendants of Håll Per and Rombo Anna Persson

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Charles K. Henrikson, genealogy questions and information

Debbie Lhotka, inquiries concerning Elsie Halden Gustafson

Don Peterson, Hall and Peterson family information

Nancy Lavander Seeger, Lavander family information

Peter C. Halden, this Web site

Links, general

American Swedish Institute, an historic museum offering a variety of programs designed to celebrate Swedish culture. Founded in 1929 by Swan J. Turnblad.

County of Isanti Government Center

Isanti County News Braham, Cambridge, Isanti & surrounding communities

Isanti County Genealogy Society

Isanti County Historical Society

Isanti County, Minnesota Cemetery Listing, a listing of cemeteries in Isanti County, Minnesota.

Long Lake Lutheran Church

Currency conversion

Links, genealogy

Genealogy, Tracing Your Swedish Ancestry.

Genline, "church records from the 16th-20th century for research in Swedish genealogy."

Minnesota Genealogical Society

Rootsweb.com, this is a website with family genealogy information that was developed and is maintained by Charles K. Henrikson. Please contact him with information about additions, corrections, and related issues.

Swedish Ancestry Research Association (SARA)

Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota

Swedish National Archives

Links, Sweden

The Consulate General of Sweden in New York.

Sweden.se, the official gateway to Sweden.

Lake Siljan, welcome to Lake Siljan.

The House of Genealogy in Leksand, Sweden

Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden, The World's Oldest Society for Computer Genealogy

Dalarna.se, the meeting place for people interested in Dalarna, Sweden.

The Farm Names of Dalarna, gårdsnamn

Genealogy in Dalarna

Mora, Sweden, the Mora, Sweden website in Swedish.

Mora, Sweden, the Mora, Sweden website in English.

Gopshus, Sweden, alongside the Vasalopp-track between Mora and Salen.

Mora, Sweden links, a list on links to a variety of Mora and Dalarna Web site's.

Grannas A. Olsson Hemslöjd AB, Dalecarlian horses, mora clocks, coloured roosters, coloured pigs, wooden shoes, other products. located in Nusnas.

Links, search tools

Google Search

Gigablast Search

The Searchbug

hitta.se, find Swedish addresses and telephone numbers if you have a name and town

USA City Guide

Minnesota Historical Society Birth Certificate Index

Minnesota Historical Society Death Certificate Index

Infospace Search

The Ultimates Search

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