Dalarna Roots

The purpose of this website is to assist descendants of families with roots in Dalarna, Sweden to learn about and get to know one another. Families were divided and subsequently lost track of one another when family members emigrated from Dalarna to the United States and other locations.

This website has had three primary sections:
1. Homepage - that is where your are now. This section of the website contains information of a general nature relevant to the other sections of the website.
2. Persson family pages
3. Ljudén family pages

The organization of this website will be changing in the weeks and months ahead. We will start by adding announcements on this page.

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The Fourth Venjan Reunion will be held July 12 to July 17, 2011 in beautiful Venjan in Dalarna Sweden.

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The family pages with genealogy and other information can be reached at the following links:

    1. Hĺll Per and Rumbo Anna Persson

    2. Ljuder Erik & Frost Marit Matsson and Ljuder Erik & Fins Karin Matsson

    3. www.ljuden.se the website of Göran Ljudén

The genealogy information provided here is purposely limited. Information about living members of the families is not included. You should search the information provided here to determine if you have the correct family and then contact the person identified as the genealogy contact if you have any questions or want more information.

This Web site will be in a state of change for a period of weeks as we add, delete, revise, and rearrange components. If you find something that does not work correctly please let know and we will change it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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